AI-driven digital
business design

Integration of knowledge assets and AI technologies for digital business design
Digital business design
  • Digital service design and rollout
  • Strategy implementation
  • Business-IT alignment
  • Shift to a customer-centric business model
  • System requirements analysis and specification
  • IT-architecture design
  • It takes much time to master different methods and templates
  • Insufficient justification of the design decisions
  • No time and expertise to look for and study best practices
  • Problem-solving deadlines are tight, while the cost of an error is high
Possible scenarios:
Jobs to be done
Target audience
  • Roles
  • Digital transformation managers
  • Chief digital officers
  • Digital product managers
  • Service designers
  • Business Analysts
  • Solution architects
  • Business architects
  • Types of organizations
  • Mid-sized & large companies
  • Municipalities
Value proposition
  • Library of reusable reference content
    • Possible content for filling templates and business design artefacts
    • Content recommendations and selection support
  • AI-assistant for digital business design
    • Suggesting model components
    • Extraction of business architecture building blocks from the company and external data
    • Compliance check
  • Method guidance and support
    • Step-by-step guidance and navigation
    • Suggested templates, methods and techniques
  • Easy visual collaboration
    • Online collaboration board
    • Diagrams, sticky notes, canvases
  • Common data repository
    • Changes propagation
    • Automatic generation of different personalized view
  • AI
    Large Language Models etc.
  • Library of knowledge assets
    • Reference models
    • Ontologies
    • Taxonomies
    • Patterns
  • Methods
    and Scenarios
    • Business architecture design steps
    • Relations between steps
  • Context-
    • Adaptation to the industry/domain
    • Capability maturity
    • User role and competencies
AI-assisted Visual Collaboration Tool
App for Miro
Why Miro as a platform?
  • Popular visual collaboration platform
  • Over 600% user growth from 2020 to 2022
  • Company strategy is heavily focused on integrations and new apps
  • Their platform is still relatively new and not yet saturated with apps
Examples of AI assistance
Application scenario: Digital service design and rollout
  • Selects suitable reference business processes from the library
  • Suggests business processes for delivering product/service
  • Performs compliance check against the reference process model from the library
The app
  • Clusters possible application services
  • Summarizes possible application services
  • Performs compliance check against the reference application architecture model from the library
Task: Plan the target IT portfolio
Task: Define business processes for delivering the service
The app
Benefits for customers
Easy access to professional level of business design
Less risky and justified decisions
Digitalization investments are aligned with strategy and business needs
Learning-by-doing — learning activities are embedded in the design process
Speed up the design and development process
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