Solution for helping team leaders in the digitalization planning area to manage the team’s competencies
Digital transformation is already a matter of survival for organizations.
Expertise in digitalization design and planning is essential to ensure a successful transformation of a company.
The lack of knowledge of the team members' competencies leads to many inefficiencies:
The inaccurate requirements for candidates when hiring
The subjective and potentially unreliable assessment of the staff competencies
Training does not take into account team members' competency gaps
The risks of expertise loss are not mitigated properly
The team’s competencies do not match emerging business challenges
Solution for managing competencies/skills
DIGITAL CITY PLANNER PLATFORM Knowledge: 1. Frameworks and methodologies 2. Classifications and ontologies 3. Architecture & process patterns 4. Data models 5. Values of indicators (Collect Package Share) City knowledge graph Knowledge services: 1. Reusable building blocks 2. Recommendations 3. Inference (reasoning) 4. Benchmarking 5. Smart search (Analyze Design Plan) City-specific models & solutions. We apply Enterprise Architecture, Knowledge Management and System approaches.
Tools & Services
Candidates' requirements for hiring
Training recommendations
Competency' assessment methods
Competency/skills matrix and analytics
The Competencies and Roles Model for digital architects and analysts aiming at providing team leads with value-adding services
Value & Benefits
The team’s competencies are sufficient to meet challenges in digital transformation design and planning now and in the future
Successful hiring of the new team members with the required set of competencies
Effective training of the team members using the identified competency gaps
Critical knowledge is identified and retained
Evidence-based career planning
Knowledge assets are utilized within the strategy
Human potential is fully (better) utilized
The suggested IT implementation
Addon/Extension for HR digital tools
Addon/Extension for Enterprise Architecture management tools
Standalone solution
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