Solution for helping team leaders in the digitalization planning area to manage the team’s competencies
Digital transformation is already a matter of survival for organizations.
Expertise in digitalization design and planning is essential to ensure a successful transformation of a company.
The lack of knowledge of the team members' competencies leads to many inefficiencies:
  • The inaccurate requirements for candidates when hiring
  • The subjective and potentially unreliable assessment of the staff competencies
  • Training does not take into account team members' competency gaps
  • The risks of expertise loss are not mitigated properly
  • The team’s competencies do not match emerging business challenges
Solution for managing competencies/skills
DIGITAL CITY PLANNER PLATFORM Knowledge: 1. Frameworks and methodologies 2. Classifications and ontologies 3. Architecture & process patterns 4. Data models 5. Values of indicators (Collect Package Share) City knowledge graph Knowledge services: 1. Reusable building blocks 2. Recommendations 3. Inference (reasoning) 4. Benchmarking 5. Smart search (Analyze Design Plan) City-specific models & solutions. We apply Enterprise Architecture, Knowledge Management and System approaches.
Tools & Services
Candidates' requirements for hiring
Training recommendations
Competency' assessment methods
Competency/skills matrix and analytics
The Competencies and Roles Model for digital architects and analysts aiming at providing team leads with value-adding services
Value & Benefits
The team’s competencies are sufficient to meet challenges in digital transformation design and planning now and in the future
  • Successful hiring of the new team members with the required set of competencies
  • Effective training of the team members using the identified competency gaps
  • Critical knowledge is identified and retained
  • Evidence-based career planning
  • Knowledge assets are utilized within the strategy
  • Human potential is fully (better) utilized
The suggested IT implementation
Addon/Extension for HR digital tools
Addon/Extension for Enterprise Architecture management tools
Standalone solution
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